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Now What?

Next Steps To Turn Your Website Into An Effective Business Tool

So you spent all that money making your website look great. And that's a good thing. But now what is it doing for your business?

Your website can be an incredibly effective tool for your business. One that actually impacts your bottom line and goes beyond "brand awareness." 

But you have to do it right. And that can be challenging and something the average business owner just doesn't have time for. But they need to, or find someone (like THRiVE!) that has the system and process in place to do it for them. 

Here are a couple of things you can implement immediately to begin seeing results for your business or non-profit bottom line. 

1) Goals. Just like in anything having goals makes a difference. What do you want your website to accomplish? Are you looking to grow your mailing list? Sell things via e-commerce. Showcase your work and get new clients? Video plays. Education? Memberships? 

Set goals for your website and then you can understand if your website is ultimately successful. 

2) Analytics. You need to understand where your visitors are coming from and what they are doing when they get to your site and how often they come back to the site. Google Analytics is a free tool and an excellent place to start. By inserting track code on your site, visitor activity is recorded and sent back to Google Analytics and made available to you for reporting purposes. Running Google analytics is another service my company THRiVE! can provide you with. 

3) Blogging. Don't over think the word blogging. Blogging is simply writing valuable content around what your customers care about. It could be industry trends and news. It could be how to articles on assembling products your carry. The main thing to remember is that you want to make the articles helpful and beneficial to your reader. Don't be overly promotional. Add value. Give the reader what they want and you will in turn get what you want- new business.

I hope this helped you get started with utilizing your website as a business tool and engine rather than a stagnant must have expense for your business. Implementing the right strategy can help your business grow and your website be a channel of income and ROI for your business. 



Are You Mobile Ready?

The rules are changing. Again. Well this time the rules regarding online search traffic for your website is affected and it has to do with whether or not your site is mobile friendly.

Mobile device usage continues to surge and Google has adjusted the way they bring traffic to your website based on whether or not your website is mobile ready.

In their own words, "We’re boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling."

This change specifically affects searches performed on mobile devices on Google. If your site isn't mobile optimized, as of April 2015 you can expect to see a drop in website traffic from mobile devices.

So, here's what you can do. 

Test your site here.

Build your own site here. 

We'll build a custom site for you. 



There's a better way.

There's a better way to generate leads and close sales for your business. And no it doesn't involve a phone, yellow pages and cold calls. That may have worked 20 years ago but times have changed and you need to as well. 1 in 100 calls leading to a business opportunity just isn't good odds and it isn't a good use of your time and energy either.

As a Google Adwords certified partner, I uncover opportunities for small businesses and non-profits to meet demand and search. We get to uncover business opportunities everyday and have the satisfaction of bringing quality leads to businesses that otherwise would be searching the phone book, speaking to gate keepers, leaving voicemails and hoping for a call back. 

One of the features I love to talk with small businesses about is a click-to-call campaign in Google Adwords. Talk about turning the tables on the cold call. With this type of campaign we funnel the existing demand and search for your product or service to your business and you only pay when someone calls you. Yes, that's right, when someone calls you to respond to a specific offer you have placed online. This is a qualified lead, already searching for what you offer. They see your ad served at the right time and they respond. You pick up the phone, walk them through the sales process, take their information, present the offer, close the deal. 

There's a better way. By the way, if you need help getting started collecting leads and sales opportunities, my company THRiVE! would be honored to serve your direct response marketing needs. 



6 Elements of Successful Online Campaigns

Thousands of searches are being done online for your products or services.

Every single day. 

To successfully land this business on your website and convert an interested party into your customer, I recommend 6 elements to your next online campaign: 

1) Research- understand the market for your product or service online and what type of traffic you can anticipate. Knowing this data will help you plan and budget accordingly. 

2) Strategy- what results are you looking for? E-commerce sales through your website? Phone calls to your business? Email list growth? E-book/guide downloads? 

3) Planning- Decide what type of campaign will be best for your product or service. Search campaigns, display network campaigns or social. What's best? You'll know this based on the results you are looking for as well as the type of product or service you offer. 

4) Execution- Step 4 is putting the research, strategy and planning into a fully optimized plan. Included in execution is setting up the necessary tracking codes on your website, conversion optimizing the campaign, automating email responses and setting up e-commerce solutions and shipping options. 

5) Testing/tweaking/tracking- Based on your maximum cost per click and gross margin, you can test and tweak the campaign for best results. Test and tweak your campaign to produce results that increase your profit margin and grow your business. 

6) Reporting- I recommend a full report monthly to understand your traffic patterns, sales online, and where you may be losing customers in the process. Make neccessary changes and repeat.

Don't leave business on the table or to chance. By planning and executing the right campaigns online, you're opening up a whole new opportunity for sales and growth.

Blessings on your journey.




7 Reasons to Consider Google Adwords

You use it every single day.

If you're online, you're going to search for information, products, and services. According to the latest stats, 

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. 

Surprisingly, many businesses and even more non-profits aren't taking advantage of the opportunity it presents to grow your sales, establish a steady stream of income and automate your sales processes.

If your business or non-profit isn't using Google advertising solutions, you need to consider it for a number of reasons. 

1) Your customers and prospects are using search today to find products that you carry. There's already a market for what you offer and their using the internet to research and secure a vendor like you. 

2) Using the Google Keyword planner you can view and forecast how many searches are being done each month for your product or service. 

3) Budgeting appropriately, you can set a bid to direct search traffic to your website and landing page. This traffic is coming to your page looking for what you offer, now that's a warm lead. 

4) When your prospect arrives on your site, your landing page and offer determines if the customer will convert and pay for your service. 

5) Testing your campaign effectiveness and conversions is available through Google analytics and your campaign reports. Tweak and adjust to optimize for sales. 

6) Inserting tracking codes into your site allows a track-able and measurable ROI for your business. You know if you campaign is profitable or not. Leave the guess work of the effectiveness of your advertising at home.

7)  Remarketing allows you to serve ads to prospects that have visited your site but haven't bought from you yet. Serve ads and drive new business back to your site as you track interested parties across the internet and drive them back to your sales page. 



Put Your Business on the Map

Google is the biggest referrer of traffic to small business and non-profit websites in the world. And they have a free tool that you need to be taking advantage of. 

On 3/25, Google launched Let’s Get Our Cities on the Map, a tailor-made program designed to strengthen 30,000 communities across the nation by helping their local businesses get online. The program provides each city with a custom website where local businesses can go for online help. It’s loaded with helpful resources, like a diagnostic tool that shows businesses how they appear on Search and Maps, a step-by-step guide for getting online with Google My Business.

Visit and get your local #smallbiz #OnTheMap. It’s free and takes 10 minutes.



Responsive Design

Responsive web design is no longer a luxury, it's imperative. 

If your business doesn't have a responsive website to reach customers searching for your business and services on every kind of devise, you're leaving money on the table. 

Customers you could be engaging with online are bouncing off your website before it even finishes loading. Check your analytics account. I assure you there not waiting around for your site to load. They're going to a competitor. 

It's no longer about creating a scaled down version of your site. It's about providing an experience that customizes according to your devise. iPhone, Android, iPad, desktop, kindle, etc. Your customers are using them. Are you reaching them? 

Stop leaving money on the table. 



ROI Matters

Every dollar counts. 

As a small business owner or non-profit leader, every dollar you have matters. That's why we're so focused on ROI driven campaigns that track and report on conversions, sales, mailing list signups and business growth. 

And here's the thing: you don't need to be without this kind of information and data when it comes to your advertising/marketing/fundraising. 

Too many times I've seen businesses and non-profits throw their money away hoping that it will bring results. Hoping your marketing works is not a good strategy. Your business deserves better. Your non-profit requires better. You need results and we can help. 

It's time you stopped guessing. It's time to pay for results. Your business deserves better. Every dollar counts. 



Content As Marketing

Content as marketing. It's not a new concept, yet not enough people are taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with an audience looking for their specialty. 

You see, you have a specialty and skill others need and want. But, you need to be discovered. 

Producing tips and tricks of the trade and giving them actually produce results for your bottom line.


Great question. By establishing yourself as a leader in your field and sampling your work and expertise through a blog or video series, people start to listen. People are constantly looking for helpful and useful information. And chances are they will share it with others who in turn may look for the products or solutions you offer. 

Give away just enough to add value, help someone and point them for more information to your business, your bottom line will benefit. 

It's ultimately the principle of sowing and reaping. You plant the seed, it's going to grow. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. BTW, we can help come up with a strategy that integrates with an overall marketing plan. 



Am I Getting Through?


When it comes to creating your marketing story, it can help to have an outside perspective. Your busy doing what you do and that's a good thing. Frankly you're the best at it. You may not realize how remarkable a job you are doing. And that's where we can come in. 

The marketplace is getting noisier and noisier. You need to break through the clutter with a message that connects and resonates with your target audience and leads to new business. 

From an outside perspective THRiVE! can assess the communications strategy of your organization past and present and give you a no-obligation assessment of strengths and weaknesses and a channel recommendation of some avenues you may not have considered. 

Like a doctors prescribing a medicine or a mechanic recommending specific repairs, THRiVE! does the same for your business and then we go to work. We go to work creating content in the form of advertising, web design, social media and more. But that's not enough. 

Good content without an audience is worthless. Not to worry though, we've got that covered for you. Whether you have a mailing list or not, we have the ways and means to target your specific customer. 

Matter of fact we take it one step further with our customer avatar. You may have the right message but if it isn't reaching your target market, lack of results will show.

Our business ultimately is helping your business. Through media development and implementation we tell your story, better. 




What's your story?

What's your story?
You're really good at what you do. But you don't have time to take a step back and see your work the way everyone else does. You're excited about where things are headed, but don't want to be puffed up or arrogant. You want to get the word out but not self promote. 

We can help. 

How are you telling it?

We craft inspiring stories for use in leading publications and media outlets around the world. Our work has been featured in Charisma News, Christian Post, Gospel Herald and more. Proverbs 17:2 says to let another promote you and not yourself, an outsider and not your own lips. On this premise we focus our work on helping ministries grow to the next level and get the attention they need to increase donations and grow their reach. 

Who's listening?
By crafting your story to the target audiences where your ministry can grow, together we get the right message to the right people at the right time. To suppliment our PR efforts we run advertising campaigns as a cloud cover and touchpoint for your organization. 

We'd be honored to help you. Contact us here to get started. 



What do you do?

We started in 2007 helping ministries and non-profits tell a better, more compelling story of their work. Often times non-profits are so engulfed in their work they don't have time to step back and really tell the story of what's been happening. 

The principle we operate on is found in Proverbs 27:2, 

"Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips."

So, we do just that for ministries and businesses with a cause. We help with PR and news releases to major media, communications, websites, video, advertising through Google Adwords, etc. Really tools in the belt of a non-profit to communicate their message. 



Promise: Isaiah 45:2

I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. Isaiah 45:2

Design work for UNITENY.ORG

Design work for UNITENY.ORG



Our Guiding Principle

The principle we operate on is found in the Bible of course: 

Proverbs 27:2, Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.




Cutting Through the Clutter

Today, more than ever before, the "noise" is getting louder. There's clutter. So many competing voices. The rise of social media and blogging has leveled the playing field, allowing everyone with something to say, speak up and be heard. 

It's also given rise to mediocrity. As the influx of media messaging saturates the market, so rises the opportunity to stand out. Opportunity to cut through the clutter and be heard. To create something worth talking about, opportunity for excellence. There are literally thousands of marketing messages we hear each day, but which one stands out? Which message gets heard, which one sticks? 

That's what we can help your company with. You need to stand out from the onslaught of mediocre with something professional and original. Media worth talking about and sharing. You need to cut through the clutter and connect. That's where we come in. Keep in mind a couple of things to include in every offer: 

1) Great Design

2) Single Call to Action

3) Compelling Offer



5 Essential Elements of (Good) Web Design

You have a stellar product or service. The only problem is no one knows you exist. 

In today's economy, your website is your storefront. We all know first impressions are absolutely essential in business and otherwise. 

You need to draw the visitor in and make them feel comfortable. It's the same online as it is in person. 

The goal of good design ultimately is communication of your value, vision and abilities. Your prospects will do business with you because in the world of short attention spans, you caught their eye with a clear message wrapped into good design with a compelling call to action. 

To get there, there are a number of steps you need to work through: 

What is the message? People are bombarded with thousands of messages a day. You need to cut through the clutter and speak to your audience's needs. You also need to do it in a way that inspires. 

Photography. Capturing your service in action or your product in demonstration is key to converting web surfers into customers. Yes, your cell phone takes high resolution images, but the right lighting, angles and back drops are key to your brand. You want your images to speak of quality and assure your potential customers, you are a top notch organization. Invest in photography. It can be used across multiple channels, everything from video, to web, print, power point, etc. It's worth the investment. 

Colors. There is more to color than you think. Colors set the tone and feel of your site. This ultimately goes back to an overall branding strategy and should be well thought out. Keeping the brand consistency across the site and all marketing materials is key. 

Copy. I can't over emphasize the importance of clear language on your site. 

Video. Never has it been more economical to create video and distribute it on your website and social media channels. Harness the power of the the evolving media landscape with a powerful, high quality video. Again this investment can be used in multiple formats- on a flash drive to give to prospects, power point, social media, your site, demos, sales presentations, etc. 

This fall we are running a Starter Web Design Package for $600. It includes

10 pages, donation page/e-commerce, landing page design and copy, search engine submission, optimization and Google local listings.