Trends in ROI driven marketing

There's a better way.

There's a better way to generate leads and close sales for your business. And no it doesn't involve a phone, yellow pages and cold calls. That may have worked 20 years ago but times have changed and you need to as well. 1 in 100 calls leading to a business opportunity just isn't good odds and it isn't a good use of your time and energy either.

As a Google Adwords certified partner, I uncover opportunities for small businesses and non-profits to meet demand and search. We get to uncover business opportunities everyday and have the satisfaction of bringing quality leads to businesses that otherwise would be searching the phone book, speaking to gate keepers, leaving voicemails and hoping for a call back. 

One of the features I love to talk with small businesses about is a click-to-call campaign in Google Adwords. Talk about turning the tables on the cold call. With this type of campaign we funnel the existing demand and search for your product or service to your business and you only pay when someone calls you. Yes, that's right, when someone calls you to respond to a specific offer you have placed online. This is a qualified lead, already searching for what you offer. They see your ad served at the right time and they respond. You pick up the phone, walk them through the sales process, take their information, present the offer, close the deal. 

There's a better way. By the way, if you need help getting started collecting leads and sales opportunities, my company THRiVE! would be honored to serve your direct response marketing needs.