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Improve Your Local Business Listings

Get found online by optimizing your business listings

By Kyle Patterson, President

If you do business locally you want to optimize your organization's presence online by making sure your business data shows up accurately online. As search engines scan millions of sites to serve local search results, search engines look for reliable sites that have updated and consistent information on their business. This is search engine optimization 101, but surprisingly many businesses don't take the time or energy to make sure their listings are set up properly and frankly maybe losing business to competitors because of it. But not to fear, with a little time you can be up and running quickly. 

Search Your Business

First thing I suggest is conducting a search on major search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. When you search your company name and city what comes up? Does your address and phone number show up correctly? How about your hours of operation? How about photos of your business? Reviews of your business? These are all areas for improvement and optimization to improve what people see online about your business. It's worth the effort to add photos in Google My Business and asking or reviews from customers.  

After checking your listing in major search engines and heading over to Moz Local and check what results they come back with. I'll wait...

So what was your score?  

Submit Your Business

If you're like most businesses you could likely use a little work. You of course can go ahead and use Moz Local to submit your listings or take the manual route  and hit up these aggregator sites yourself. 

If you're going to submit your business yourself, check out this great tool also by Moz, listing the top sites that make the most impact for your online business listing.

Well that should keep you busy for a little bit. Happy business listing submissions. Until next time. 

Kyle Patterson is Founder and President of Thrive Media Group, a marketing consulting firm specializing in direct response strategies for business and non-profits.