Trends in ROI driven marketing

Non-Profit Search Marketing

Driving awareness for your mission, vision and values

By Kyle Patterson

In any non-profit getting the word out about your mission, vision and values is a big piece of the puzzle. From raising funds, to growing your client base to getting considered for grants, non-profits could all use help getting discovered.

Today, more and more people are turning online to begin the research process. Yes, that includes donors, foundations and potential clients. 3,000,000,000 searches per day to be exact. If and how your organization shows up online matters. You’re competing against over 1,000,000,000 other websites. Thankfully there are also thousands of niches and industries and organizations that have nothing to do with what you offer. But take “Chamber of Commerce” for example. A search on Google brings up 175,000,000 results. Unless you’re on the first page of results, you’re not even being considered by about 80% of searchers. But there is hope.

You have two options and I would recommend both but we’ll focus on the latter. First there is SEO strategy to rank higher for the keywords people are searching when they look for an organization like yours. This will take time, strategy, energy, and resources that you should have a plan in place for. (We can talk about this another time and it is something our firm does.)

The other option and one I want to focus on today is paid search. As people are searching for specific keywords that relate to your business you can pay a search engine like Google to serve an ad for your business. This can get costly over time (it’s the main source of Google’s 74.54 billion dollars)  and many non-profits can not always afford to spend enough to make it worth their time and investment. There is a tipping point in advertising where you need to have enough spend to begin to move the needle. Everyone knows that.

So What to Do?

Thankfully there is a really amazing opportunity that I’d like to share with you. As a Google partner, the organizations I founded - THRiVE! and UNITE are able to help 501c3 non-profit organizations (including churches) get set up with Google Grants for Non-Profits. Through this program, Google awards up to $10,000 per month of in-kind advertising to 501c3 non-profits. Amazing I know. There is still some work to do to make it work for you, but it’s a huge opportunity that you need to take advantage of. No, it’s not all I would recommend your non-profit do in terms of advertising but it will help move the needle for you. In today’s world you need a multi-channel approach but search is a piece of the marketing pie that you don’t want to ignore. Your organization needs to show up online and this can present an immediate opportunity to do just that.

So you have the approval and the budget to work with, now there are just a few other steps to optimize your campaign for success and that is where we’d like to offer our assistance. You do what you do best in running your organization, we can help optimize the campaigns for you and assure you’re operating Adwords to bring the best ROI. As a Google Adwords and Analytics partner we can do the following for you a setup fee and a percentage of the overall spend:

  1. Identify the right keywords to attract the right audience.

  2. Create the right landing pages (you probably already have these set up but may need a little work here.)

  3. Set up Adwords and allow you full access and visibility.

  4. Target the right geography

  5. Create multiple campaigns

  6. Create multiple ads

  7. Create Sitelinks to specific areas of your website including address and contact information.

If you’d like to talk more about how we can help your non-profit succeed with search marketing Google Adwords and take advantage of this opportunity, contact us.

Kyle Patterson is President of Thrive Media Group, a Google Adwords and Analytics certified partner and a founding member of