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Now It's Time to Turn Your Website Into a Business Asset

By Kyle Patterson, President of Thrive Media Group

After you figure out the role your site will play and adjust your expectations accordingly, it’s time to choose what vendor to go with. There are a ton of options here including do-it-yourself templates, custom sites, Wordpress sites, Joomla sites, Weebly, Wix and more.

You of course want to pick one you are comfortable with and one that is up to date with current industry trends. You want to look for responsive templates that will work well no matter the device it is being viewed on. You also want a site that meets your needs according to your work on strategy. If your goal is leads, make sure you are able to collect email addresses or offer a free download on the site. If your goal is to sell online, make sure your site can integrate with shopping carts and can handle e-commerce and credit card transactions. While we are talking about strategy I would be remiss to fail to mention the importance of sharing quality content on your website in your main content pages and then also in a blog connected to your site. Information is so widely available today that keeping knowledge to yourself is no longer a good business strategy. Selling by teaching is the trend is online business. As you show yourself an expert and authority in the topic you are selling you gain trust and establish rapport with your audience. As you do this your clients and audience will come back to you for more. If you can show that you solve their problem, they’ll come back for more.

Next you want to consider venturing into this world on your own or contact a professional designer who can get steer you in the right direction. It’s helpful to have a number of sites in mind that you like in terms of design and content and share your ideas with a  professional firm. Gather some photos, bios of company founders and some information you’d like on your site. Specifically you want to spend some time thinking about your ABOUT page. The ABOUT page on your site is possibly the most important page and will likely be your most viewed page as well other than your HOME page. Spend some time thinking about the story of your organization and how you got into the field you’re currently serving in. Think about your target customer and who you are trying to reach. How do they fit into your business? How can you help them? Putting this content together will help you convert more visitors into leads and leads into sales for your business.

Next you want to optimize your pages and images according to your keyword strategy. You want to use your keywords in the site and page titles, urls, and image alt text. As you do this Google and other search engines will recognize you as a potential search result when users search terms connected to your site. This is called organic traffic to your site, when people online find your site through conducting a search online.

I trust this got your wheels turning. Your website is an important part of being online. Don’t go about this lightly. Put in the time and effort and let your site work for you, even when you are home resting, your site can work while sleep. Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in developing or redeveloping your website.

Kyle Patterson is President of Thrive Media Group, a Google Adwords, Analytics and Apps partner firm. He is also founder of UNITE, a collective impact Christian 501c3 organization functioning as a chamber of commerce for Christian leaders.