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5 Signs You Need a Website Refresh

Investing in a new website is something you don't do on a whim. You put some time into it. Generate some ideas and make sure your site represents you well. Or at least you should. But the day to day demands on your time and attention can be overwhelming, I know. 

So to help you give it some thought and see if now may be the time to refresh your website to something more "2016", here are a few ways to know for sure that you need a new site. 

Number 1: Responsive Design

You know you need a new website when your site isn't mobile friendly. Today, your average customer has multiple devices and will likely visit your site on more than one before completing a purchase from you. Your content and value needs to display correctly to serve the needs of your customer and move them along the path to purchase.

Number 2: Speed

The average web visitor expects your website to load within 2 seconds or they may hit the back button or close the browser. Seriously. Your site needs to be optimized for speed or you may be losing people.

Number 3: Graphics

I once visited a site that had amazing content. A lot of great material, but the graphics looked like they hadn't been updated in 20 years. Don't be left in the stone age of online marketing.

Number 4: Fonts

Updating your website with fresh, 2016 style fonts can go a long way in making someone feel welcome on your site and consider doing business with you.

Number 5: Search Results

How your website appears in search results can make a big difference in customers discovering you online. There are a number of things you can do to improve your results in this area. Many times a website refresh is the place to start.