Trends in ROI driven marketing

Are We There Yet?

To get your business or non-profit where you want to go online, you need a plan, data and goals. 

By Kyle Patterson, President of THRiVE! Media Group. THRiVE! is a Google Partner for Adwords and Analytics and a website developer in Buffalo, NY. 

Embarking on any journey requires a map. You need to know where you are going if you're going to arrive safely and on time. The problem is many people know they need a website and online presence but they don't exactly know where they are going, what they are hoping to accomplish or where they are at currently. 

If you have a website you need to understand where you are before you go any further. Just as a map is no good if you can't locate yourself on it, not knowing where you are at with the effectiveness of your website is just the same. Basing your ideas on assumptions or purely asthetics of the site is not a good idea either. Thankfully there is Google Analytics. Running Analytics on your website will provide you data on what people are doing when they come to your site, how many pages each visitor is looking at, what pages they are leaving your site at and the length of time they are engaging with you. Understanding this data and using it to make informed decisions about your website is incredibly helpful and essential before going further in your site development. 

We recommend running analytics on your site for 30-60 days before making any decisions about what pages to change, add or cut in a site update or complete redesign. Then we can make a plan and goals for the site and implement the necessary changes to improve your site's performance and your business results. As a Google certified partner, we can help. Get started.