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Now What?

Next Steps To Turn Your Website Into An Effective Business Tool

So you spent all that money making your website look great. And that's a good thing. But now what is it doing for your business?

Your website can be an incredibly effective tool for your business. One that actually impacts your bottom line and goes beyond "brand awareness." 

But you have to do it right. And that can be challenging and something the average business owner just doesn't have time for. But they need to, or find someone (like THRiVE!) that has the system and process in place to do it for them. 

Here are a couple of things you can implement immediately to begin seeing results for your business or non-profit bottom line. 

1) Goals. Just like in anything having goals makes a difference. What do you want your website to accomplish? Are you looking to grow your mailing list? Sell things via e-commerce. Showcase your work and get new clients? Video plays. Education? Memberships? 

Set goals for your website and then you can understand if your website is ultimately successful. 

2) Analytics. You need to understand where your visitors are coming from and what they are doing when they get to your site and how often they come back to the site. Google Analytics is a free tool and an excellent place to start. By inserting track code on your site, visitor activity is recorded and sent back to Google Analytics and made available to you for reporting purposes. Running Google analytics is another service my company THRiVE! can provide you with. 

3) Blogging. Don't over think the word blogging. Blogging is simply writing valuable content around what your customers care about. It could be industry trends and news. It could be how to articles on assembling products your carry. The main thing to remember is that you want to make the articles helpful and beneficial to your reader. Don't be overly promotional. Add value. Give the reader what they want and you will in turn get what you want- new business.

I hope this helped you get started with utilizing your website as a business tool and engine rather than a stagnant must have expense for your business. Implementing the right strategy can help your business grow and your website be a channel of income and ROI for your business.