Buffalo Neighborhoods

By Kyle Patterson

Our region is defined as the sum of its parts. Tying together neighborhoods and working to redefine our city at the micro- level provides many avenues forward to a city on the rebound as Buffalo is. While many point to urban flight and other issues affecting our region, there are handfuls of neighborhoods and towns in Western New York that standout as not only great places to live, but great sub-communities to be a part of. The local flavor presented here is truly unique to our area. As the City of Good Neighbors, we are redefining ourselves as the community of people, places, organizations and businesses that care about our city. Starting at the neighborhood level and growing out, we are influenced,  defining to a degree and changing the perception of our region.  From downtown to Elmwood, Allentown, East Side, West Side and everything in between, Buffalo offers a diverse and  eclectic offering as to where to live. Our hopes here is to highlight some of the best areas and what they are doing to make a  difference and make their neighborhood a great place to live and work. READ MORE...