People: Mohamed Mohamed

A once in a lifetime opportunity presented itself to NFTA worker Mohamed Mohamed. A graduate of UB with a masters in Political Science, Mohamed found himself being recruited as Prime Minister of his homeland—Somalia, a country in dire straights and desperate for leadership who would help change the tide of a country suffering horribly. Though his time lasted a short 8 months before the powers at be, namely a power struggle between two men at the top of the government of Somalia, the President and Parliament Speaker forced him to resign,  Mohamed’s work and stand for justice will be remembered even as he now settles back into life in Buffalo.

His resignation sparked an upheaval of unrest in the country  ravaged by numerous plagues including drought, starvation and civil war. The experience is one he will not forget and though he now has his old job at the New York State Department of Transportation Mohamed is still adjusting to life back in, READ MORE...