Service Above Self For More Than A Century

Buffalo Rotary Club’s Mission to Serve

By John McClive

It is 8:30 on a recent Saturday morning and Paul Marzello, a local printer and business professor wearing his trademark smile, is rounding up his team of volunteers from Rotary Club of Buffalo to descend upon the Bailey-Kensington neighborhood of the city.

     “There are a total of 13 homes to paint today and our homeowner is a warm-hearted, elderly gentleman who is very much looking forward to our help,” Marzello explains to his team. “He would like to be on a ladder to help us paint, but our job is to keep his good intentions on the ground and do all the work for him.”

     Marzello recruited 38 volunteers to participate in this year’s BrushUp Buffalo, which revitalizes neighborhoods and builds community pride by painting the homes of low-income homeowners. He has been participating in BrushUp Buffalo for five years because he believes in Buffalo and helping it shine. READ MORE...