A New Look At Education

Buffalo ReformED continues its efforts of working for a better public school system in Buffalo by focusing on pushing for implementation of a more rigourous Teacher Evaluation system, and coalition building to ensure students first reforms take root both locally and at the state level with our launch of the Student Lobbyist Association.

Director of Buffalo Reformed Hannya Boulos said in her recent newsletter update, "A stronger teacher evaluation system is a critical measure needed in our schools, and yet local districts and players at the state level are stalling. What's the hold up? At the heart of this issue is a debate over how much measures of student performance should factor in an evaluation system, and what portion of the system should be locally bargained. For districts that failed to craft an adequate plan, there is much at stake. State Ed Commissioner, John King froze the $9 million in aid the State awarded Buffalo to improve five failing schools; Governor Cuomo raised the stakes, tying proposed increases in state aid to school districts to the success in reaching agreement on a new evaluation system. In total, Buffalo could miss out on just over $50 million in grants and aid. We are pushing local and state leaders to understand that the best way to improve our education system is to ensure all students have access to effective teachers, and to provide teachers with an evalution system that fairly differentiates, provides meaningful input, and promotes development  within the profession."

In support of Governor Cuomo's proposed education reforms focused on teacher evaluations and performance grants, Buffalo ReformED also launched the Student Lobbyist Association. This platform pulls together WNY groups including the District Parent Coordinating Council, The Parent Power Project, and United Partners for Public Education, as well as parents, students and grassroots leaders across the state. New York State's education system is crippled by bloated bureacracy, unchecked spending, and special interests. We are dedicated to changing this to a system that works for those it is intended to serve: students and families. Join the movement at www.nystudentsfirst.com.