Buffalo: A City for Startups?

nxtARROW Business Development, LLC hosted an open house, beginning with a press conference,  in their new space in Suite 101 at the downtown Buffalo landmark, the Electric Tower, Thursday morning, February second, from 10 o’clock until noon.  The event was co-hosted by corporate partners Buffalo Office Supply, and Yelp.com.

nxtARROW’s mission is to help restore Buffalo’s original greatness, by helping transform the former “Queen City of the Lakes” into the new and future “Queen City of Startups,” in Buffalo where we enjoy a “high quality of life and a low cost of living.” nxtARROW is developing a new model for a private, for-profit self-sustaining economic development venture, by promoting and marketing Buffalo as a startup destination for out of town startups and small business looking to launch, re-launch, or expand in Buffalo.

Part of the strategy for recruiting startups for Buffalo is the creation of an incubator without walls, leveraging excess capacity caused by population loss, for mutual benefit of startups moving into the city, landlords with excess vacant space in the city, and local business to business service providers with capacity to serve additional clients.

The open house will celebrate two corporate partnerships that are central to nxtARROW’s efforts to develop outside of the box strategies to enhance the entrepreneurship infrastructure of Buffalo.

nxtARROW’s relationship with Iskalo Development makes space available for nxtARROW corporate offices, incubator and co-working space in the Electric Tower, which is an icon and beacon of Buffalo’s burgeoning renaissance in architectural preservation and restoration.

With Buffalo Office Supply, nxtARROW has formed a unique partnership by which the new nxtARROW suite doubles as the Buffalo Office Supply showroom. As a result, nxtARROW enjoys first class office furnishings and décor while providing Buffalo Office Supply a creative solution to showcase their office furnishings in the center of the Buffalo business district, in a classic landmark building nxtARROW’s newest client and corporate partner, Yelp.com will be joining nxtARROW, Iskalo and Buffalo Office Supply as co-host. Refreshments were provided by Coffee Culture on Elmwood and by Yelp.

The open house will also featured framed photographic art by leading Buffalo photographers, whose work is displayed in the nxtARROW offices and will be available for sale during the event.

nxtARROW offers co-working space by the day or by the month.