Fashion: Buffalo Style

Wear Boots but bring your heels for inside.  This way you are practical in the snow and ice and feel fashionable and sexy at the party.  Nobody will look down on this, they will only wish they did the same thing as they walk around in their boots or scuffed up shoes. 

Mix, match and layer your sweaters.  You will be warmer and look hipper.  Take your turtlenecks and keep going.  Add a cardigan and a belt or a short sleeve sweater of another color but keep adding for a new looks.

Bring out the accessories to make some new outfits and to challenge your inner fashionista.

Belt those sweaters, double the necklace, add a scarf and put a little bling in your hair to maximize your basic outfit.

 Switch your coat.  Bring out the coat you bought but never wear or last year’s coat.  IF you are like me, you own lots of coats and wear the same one every day.  It has made it from your closet to the mudroom so it gets priority…change that.

Wear a dress on Valentine’s day.  Whether you are going on a date or out with the friends get dressed up.  You have the right to look great on Valentine’s day.  You don’t have to be going to a five star restaurant to wear a dress so wear one and you will feel like you are at a five star restaurant.

Boots are on sale for Presidents day weekend – buy a new pair for next year.  You will always need new leather boots so why not get them on sale.   If yours are in good shape go for a new color – brown, camel, grey and black are always welcome in your wardrobe.

Start looking at what you are wearing and what you haven’t touched this year.  Put the unworn clothes together and think about getting rid of them at the end of the season.   I am a true believer in getting rid of what you don’t use.  Others may really appreciate them…look for a charity that would benefit from your clothes.    If you put them all away at the end of the season you won’t remember next fall and they just start to pile up.

Buy some new gloves, a scarf and hat.  These accessories can totally change your look.  I love hats that have style.  Hats are so in fashion right now.  If you haven’t bought a new one this season go ahead and splurge.  By February you want something new to change your look, you are getting bored with your winter clothes so add a few inexpensive pieces that will change everything and make you feel stylish.

Dry clean your sweaters.  Not all of them, just your favorites.  You have been wearing them since November…it is time to get them cleaned and a lot of sweaters require dry cleaning.  Just bring a couple at a time so you aren’t stuck with a HUGE dry cleaning bill.  You won’t miss a couple of sweaters out of your closet for a few days.

Wear your trendy pieces.  This is the end of the season and since they are IN fashion this year they may be out of style by next year.  This may be your last opportunity so wear them.

Most of all, enjoy your February and don’t wish it away.    As you get dressed each morning, remember, a smile is your best accessory so wear it