From the Heart

Since our inception in 1990 we have been blessed with support for the poor and homeless of our city from companies, churches and individuals from Western New York and beyond. Over the years this support has taken many forms. People support our mission by believing in our work and they stand behind the outreach of our mobile soup kitchen. Donors provide food and generous financial gifts that make a difference in the lives of people they don’t even know.

     The people of the community support Hearts Thrift Shop by donating their unwanted possessions and also by shopping in our wonderful store. In turn the thrift store is able help support the outreach of Hearts for the Homeless. All of this support, the many different forms it takes, is what    allows the continuation of Hearts for the Homeless. It is in-fact made possible by people such as yourself.

     Our expansion for the future is based on increased support from people like you through our donation collection bins. We see a great need in the Riverside community specifically and our goal is to continue expanding. This need has created a strong vision that, if achieved, will change the lives of countless families. Family dinners play a crucial role in the fabric of healthy society. Our vision is to create a “free” family dining center. Together, parents and children would be able to come and enjoy a meal in a comfortable setting. To begin this vision we would first need to move our thrift store to a larger facility in Riverside.

     This expansion would have a two-fold effect. First, a larger store would increase sales and                  revenue having a profound effect. This would  allow the sustainability of the mobile soup kitchen, where we reach out to the chronic homeless on the streets, while also providing for the new family dinner center. Second, it will allow us to open up the space that will be needed for the family dinning center. This transformation would be an example of what Buffalo is all about, the city of good neighbors.

     If the last two decades have been any indication of what the next two will bring we certainly have a lot to look forward to! Your continued support will help us move ahead with our vision to make a difference in the lives of the many disadvantaged families in our city.

Nick Calandra serves at Chief Operating Office at Hearts for the Homeless.