Editor's Note

Buffalo has gotten a bad rap when it comes to weather, especially winter. We all know that our region, on a typical winter enjoys our fair share of snow, like any city in the Northeast. But, for  a number of reasons Buffalo has gotten the reputation of being one of the snow capitals of the country. On page 22 we (with the help of a number of data miners including buffaloresearch.com) debunk some of the myths about our region’s weather and yet our cover story celebrates the region’s assets when it comes to things to enjoy in the winter, namely skiing. It’s an interesting dichotomy. On one hand we despise the label of our city being a snow capital and on the other hand we have assets that help us enjoy the colder months. There is one camp that tries to educate the country that Buffalo really isn’t the snow capital the country thinks it is. On the other hand ski resorts and winter sports lovers try to convince locals to get out and embrace the cold and enjoy winter activities. In our cover story and throughout this issue you will find that tension existing, it’s something that Buffalonians live with.

     Also in this issue we introduce THRiVE! For A Cause a new initiative adopting a worthy cause and an affiliated non-profit. Then we educate readers, support local business and raise awareness and money for a hard working non-profit. This issue we     selected Hearts for the Homeless, a ministry based in Buffalo’s Riverside District on Buffalo’s West Side. In this new section you can explore the issue of poverty and homelessness and then get involved by participating in our 30 Day Challenge. The challenge will take place the month of March and you can stay in touch, participate and win cool prizes by liking us on Facebook and or by subscribing to our daily email for the 30 Days. Your participation can and will make a difference.

     Thanks again for reading and as always feel free to send your comments and opinions to kyle@thrivebuffalo.org.



Kyle Patterson, Publisher and Editor