Sold on Buffalo

A lot of people may say they are sold on Buffalo, but there is one company that is putting its money where its mouth is. Anyone that has lived here for a few years will probably have heard of the name Stovroff.  Joni Stovroff, together with her partner Jacque Taylor are owners of two of the fastest growing Western New York companies the last three years in a row, one of them a Real Estate company, the other a travel agency.  Both of them bear the moniker of Stovroff & Taylor.  In January of 2012 they rolled out their newest program, appropriately called “SOLD on Buffalo.”

Paradoxically, neither Joni nor Jacque is from Buffalo yet both chose to make their homes here.  “We love it here: the theater, the awesome and affordable restaurants, the 20 minute average commuting time, the Bills, READ MORE...