An Interview with Co-Founder and Director of Kawelle, Dan Corrigan. Kawelle serves children in Africa with school supplies and other needed resources.

Why Africa? What stirred your heart to start a non-profit supporting education overseas?

First, as a teacher by trade education is a passion of mine and I have become well aware of how a focus in education can change lives and make dreams of students come true. It wasn't until college that I realized how fortunate I was growing up to receive a free public education that would allow me to pursue any avenue I chose. It’s something most students here in the states take for granted by wanting days off, enjoying days where a substitute teacher may just show a video, or by putting forth limited effort to just get by. I was inspired through many texts which described the educational systems overseas and how they very much differed from what I was used to. My growing knowledge of various oversea educational systems grew further when I met my wife, Jaclyn, who spent many months volunteering in Liberia as a dental hygienist. She met numerous young people and become a part of the community while she was there. She told me stories and showed me pictures of the lives of the youth in Liberia and the in-adequate educational system where students have no supplies and resources to attend schools, and where in many rural areas there is no school to even attend. The need is much greater in the areas we serve and our passion for Africa stems from that. READ MORE...