Buffalo Branding Project

Most people are unaware of the incredible assets our city possesses. Could part of the problem be a “branding” issue?   Follow us as we explore some of our region’s most under “marketed” assets.

Text By Kyle Patterson.

Artwork by LJ Anderson, Kyle Patterson, Reilley Group

The perception of cities, and the mental image held of them, became active components of economic success or failure,” says Ann O'M. Bowman and Michael A. Pagano  in their book, Terra Incognito.  The fact is when it comes to building a global brand, companies like Coca-Cola, Proctor and Gamble and Nike have it down. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year assuring the brand names are on the tip of our tongue. The more exposure they have, the more mindshare in a consumers thoughts. Case in point—Kleenex became so good at branding, that the name, READ MORE...