Fast Growing Companies


As a community entering into a season of renewed vitality and fresh possibilities, we are encouraged to shed the preconceptions of a long, barren winter. For many across WNY, the struggle of the wintery months is perfect analogy to a considerable period of stress facing a majority of Buffalo-based businesses. Despites widespread belief that local businesses are experiencing losses or remain frozen in the status quo- there are numerous organizations experiencing expansion, rebirth and surplus. From the perspective of local Human Capital Firm, APA Solutions Inc. and business leadership expert, Joan Graci, there could not be a better time for businesses in Buffalo, NY to grow. From Graci’s perspective, “organizations that are succeeding are doing different” and “those organizations that can successfully connect their unique corporate mission to niche markets, emerging technologies, holistically-connected employees and lean business practices are the first to break the cycle of stagnation.” Drawing from her extensive research on Inc 500|5000 companies, Graci and her team have made it their mission to mentor local organizations on the demands of “doing different” and strategically planning for advancement on a local, national and international scale. With respect to the emerging leaders of today’s vibrant Buffalo business community, APA Solutions recognizes the local businesses that embody the many forms of today’s growth, innovation and success: READ MORE...