Come Sail Away

Local Sailing Instructors Say Sailing Can Be For Anyone, No Matter Your Experience.

Text and Photos By Kyle Patterson

“I love seeing the confidence on peoples faces for tackling sailing, graduating from our courses and learning a new skill. There is a great sense of community and it’s so rewarding to see that impact people’s lives,” says Captain Bill Zimmerman of 7 Seas Sailing located on Fuhrmann Blvd. in Buffalo. His organization, 7 Seas Sailing helps hundreds each summer become more comfortable on the water and master the skill of sailing. After all, what better way is there to enjoy the beauty of a Buffalo summer than to take advantage of some of the great opportunities presented by Lake Erie—the warmest and most biologically productive of the Great Lakes? 7 Seas has become Buffalo’s yacht club for the common folk by teaching sailing and supporting the local boating community since 1970. Their claim to fame—they teach and certify sailors for life with just a few hours one summer—something they say anyone can learn. Their success isn’t surprising when you, READ MORE...