State Senate Passes New Bill Supporting UB2020

The new bill passed by the New York Senate today in support of the UB 2020 strategic plan will benefit students, families and the economy of Western New York, said University at Buffalo President John B. Simpson, who praised members of the Western New York legislative delegation for their ongoing commitment to the community and to public higher education in New York State. READ MORE...

College Town: Can Academia Unlock Buffalo's Future?

By Ryan S Kozey, Phd.

Recently, the following question had been posed to me; “Could Buffalo become an academic town?” After a good bit of pondering, a short answer to such a question on my part is, “possibly?” Allow me to unpack a few things to provide more to the brevity, which will provide justification to my answer. Before doing so, I think it fair for the reader to know that I’m from the rust belt. In my 32 years, I’ve spend 31 on them in Cleveland, Buffalo, and Toledo. In all three towns, there are things that I absolutely love about each of them. READ MORE...

Arrianna Huffington to Speak at UB

The University at Buffalo's Distinguished Speakers Series will open its 2010-11 season tomorrow night, September 16, with a left vs. right exchange between two of the most widely recognized women in political media today: Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, and Mary Matalin, Republican strategist and CNN contributor.

Huffington, a frequent guest on network and cable news programs, is the author of 13 books, the latest of which, "Third World America," will be released this month. Matalin, a bestselling author, served in the
administrations of Ronald Regan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. They are co-hosts of the nationally syndicated radio program, Both Sides Now.

UB 2020 In Focus

THRiVE! interview with President John Simpson.

The University of Buffalo has big plans to expand in Western New York. THRiVE! caught up with President John Simpson to discuss UB 2020 and it’s implications for the community.

THRiVE!: We wanted to do this interview because of UB’s great impact on the community, so thank you for taking the time to do this. The first question I wanted to ask was: what are some of the greatest hindrances in regards to the implementation of the 2020 vision, and are there updates to report in regards to the funding from New York State?

Simpson: The biggest hindrance, the biggest requirement to getting this done is, READ MORE...

UB MBA Case Study

In the UB School of Management's 14th annual MBA case competition students applied their problem-solving skills to a real-world situation close to home: how to boost the economy of Wilson, N.Y., after the recent closing of the Pfeiffer Salad Dressing plant. READ MORE...