Editor's Note Spring 2012

Business is good for many companies in Buffalo. Despite the recession, despite what the media has told us, good things are happening. In this issue’s cover story we explore some of the companies leading the way and showing us it is possible to thrive in Buffalo.

     We take that theme and carry it through the rest of our issue with coverage of this year’s Venture Forum hosted at the University of Buffalo Center for the Arts and the Albright Knox Art Gallery. The forum featured 33 companies leading the way in innovative business models. We also graphically explain, “How Cash Mobs Work,” a growing phenomenon amongst urban dwellers supporting a local business with a good “mob” of new customers.  Interestingly, the phenomenon has spread across the country and world as far as Australia and Europe.

     Moving further through the issue we come to our second Thrive For A Cause feature with engaging content around what it means to support local business and what you can do to get involved. We believe there is great power in together supporting good causes. So we’ve rounded up local businesses and you our     readers to go to action on behalf of local business and good causes. Then we     reward both of you for being involved. Readers earn points which they in turn redeem for coupons at local stores     driving new traffic to business. The interesting thing about this concept which we coined our 30 Day Challenge is that there is a winning solution for everyone involved. Involvement helps the non-profit, drives new traffic to small        businesses and incentivizes our readers with discounts and coupons. It is a                 synergy that our community needs to move forward and at THRiVE! we are happy to be doing our part.  By partnering together in these initiatives we are pushing our city forward.

     Lastly we are happy to announce the addition of THRiVE! to mobile devices. Not only do we have our content available via our mobile website, we also are introducing our issues downloadable on your iPAD or iPHONE through the app store! Don’t miss this issue and even download our past issues as well. Thanks for reading and as always send us your comments and opinions on our website: www.thrivebuffalo.org

Thank you,

Kyle Patterson, Chief Scribe