Every Child

Artwork by The Chapel

Interview with John Camardo, Director of Operations at The Chapel at Crosspoint

Tell me about the origins of Every Child?

Firstly, we believe the church is called to reach every man, woman and child with repeated opportunities to hear and see the gospel of Christ. Because we believe the church is the answer to the orphan crisis, the Every Child foster care, adoption and orphan care ministry was                  designed as a collaborative effort of the church in WNY to care for every child in need within our reach – both locally and globally (www.every-child.com). The gospel compels the church to care for the defenseless (James 1:27) and our goal is to break down barriers and make it easier for the church to fulfill this mandate. We launched the Every Child ministry on Father’s Day (June 17th) in 2012 after about six months of due diligence and partnership discussions.

In America we don't typically think of caring for orphans as a practical way to serve our community but according to your research it obviously is - why has this been something churches have overlooked?

I believe the first reason has to do with semantics - the fact that we do not refer to parentless children in the United States as orphans. Most Americans think of another country when they hear the word “orphan”. Our foster care system was put into place as a more modern, humane, family-based approach to      addressing orphan care in the United States but it is not as visible as an institution filled with children waiting to be adopted.

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