Jump Into Spring

Jump into spring with color. March-May marks the beginning of spring which brings warmer weather and blooming flowers.   However, they can also bring a wide range of temperatures and weather forecasts.  So, how does this translate to “what do I wear?”.   Well, I suggest combining your winter and spring clothes so you are prepared for everything.   Bring out your spring dresses, skirts and pants and layer them with your winter blazers and cardigans.  Use your winter neutrals and blacks to pair with your summer colors.   Summer accessories will brighten any of your regular winter outfits.  Along with combining your existing clothes there are 5 “Must Haves” for this spring that you can buy now. 

RAINBOOTS:  or Wellies (as they are called in England) are a must.  I love my wellies .  This year they are available in every color, style and pattern.   This is a great way to express your personality through your clothes.  Not only are they cute but they are functional and keep your feet warm and dry for a fraction of the price of winter boots.  If you traditionally wear neutrals, try a polka dot pair to spice things up a little.

THE TRENCH COAT:   There are so many trenches this spring that it is almost overwhelming.  Things to consider when picking out your trench – length, neckline, and color.  If plan to wear it over dresses then go long, but if you are wearing it over pants do a ¾ length.   The neckline is important to your look so try them on!  You will know what feels right, but if you aren’t sure, stick with the traditional trench (you can’t go wrong).  Lastly, color and pattern.  Since this is your spring jacket, it has a shorter season, buy something nontraditional.  I love the stripes and polka dots – so much personality.  Never before have I seen so many fun trenches…buy two!

BLAZER:   Add color with a blazer.  You can add a bright color blazer to any plain sweater or dress and it instantly becomes a new spring outfit.  You don’t have to spend a lot, just get a color and style that looks good on you. 

BELTS: Add a belt to a blazer or cardigan and again you have created a whole new look.  Buy a pink, red, or yellow belt that can be paired with any color.  This will also accent your waistline and give you some shape. 

HANDBAG:  I do like a nice handbag.  I feel that if you pick out a good quality bag you can keep it for years.  Big clutches are everywhere.  A metallic is safe but a bright pink will get you noticed.  If you buy a bright color buy your favorite color because it will likely match a lot of items in your wardrobe. 

These items should get your through whatever this spring has to bring without spending a lot.  Whatever you decide to wear and however you decide to wear it, no outfit is complete without the most important accessory…a smile. 

Happy Spring! 

Amy Kissling Smith is founder of Re-Style ME a company birthed as Amy discovered how much she enjoyed helping family and friends shop for stylish clothes, find bargains, and create new looks. Amy is unique in that she delights to find new outfits using the clothes her client already owns. Then, they go shopping anywhere from designer boutiques to thrift shops to find an accessory or two to made an ordinary outfit a fashion hit.  Amy is also a stay-at-home Mom who lives with her husband and 3 children.