Kyle Patterson

Extreme Makeover

Everybody is talking about it. Yes, Extreme Makeover Home Edition is coming to Buffalo. The home has been picked on the West Side of Buffalo but no one knows exactly where until this Saturday morning when the team of designers pulls up to the home of the family.

So many things are coming together in a way that is unique to even the producers of the show. I was at Rich Products the other day to hear from Conrad Ricketts, the Executive Producer of the show, Mayor Byron Brown, and David Stapleton of David Homes, the number one partner of the Buffalo Edition of Extreme Home Makeover. Stapleton told the crowd at Rich Products that people in Buffalo have been more supportive than any other show Extreme Makeover Home Edition has done. "We are going to try to show what Buffalo is about on a national scale. This is our opportunity to show how resilient WNY is," said Stapleton.

Conrad Ricketts encouraged the crowd, "You don't need us" referring to the fact that we as a community can continue this work after they leave. "This show is about the bar rasing in the 1900s, everybody comes together to change a families life and end up changing their own lives."

The bar has been raised for nearly 2500 people involved in volunteering, building, contracting, the works. Ricketts explained that the speed in which they complete this project is like a time warp. "Everyday is equivalent to a month, every hour is equivalent to a day." He explained that this is going to be their 165th time doing this and though they actually complete the project in 106 hours (less than the 7 days) not one time have they failed. With 150 people working on the house at any given time, day or night, this project is bringing the community together in other ways including a food and blood drive.

Exciting times. Get involved today!