Kyle Patterson

The Launch

While Buffalo’s West Side recently went through a huge makeover, conincidentally so did THRiVE! Magazine. Our new designer, Marinette Kozlow, along with the other members of THRiVE!’s team have worked together to bring you a magazine with a new look and feel just in time to cover the transformations in Buffalo, initiated by ABC’s Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition. In just seven days, Buffalo saw 50 home improvement projects completed, 85 tons of food donated to feed the city’s hungry, and so much more. The sound of Ty Pennington’s megaphone launched the people of WNY into action, and THRiVE! was there to capture it all.

Having secured exclusive one-on-one interviews with each member of the design team, the executive producer of the show, and local contributing leaders, THRiVE! devotes a large portion of this issue to the Makeover with more to come in the next. To view THRiVE!’s extensive photo coverage of the Makeover, become a fan of THRiVE! Magazine on Facebook or visit our website at

Another exciting development at THRiVE! is the official launch of THRiVE! Media Group, a division of our company that offers creative, quality services in print and online design, advertising, marketing, video, and photography. When the ABC production coordinator for Extreme Makeover asked if THRiVE! could find them a helicopter, we said, “Sure we can.” When ABC told THRiVE! they needed aerial footage for the show, we said, “We can do that.” And so, ironically, THRiVE! Media Group was launched in a helicopter. And now, we are ready to serve you like we did ABC.

I’d like to send out a special thanks to Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition for providing the people of WNY the opportunity to channel their hearts of service and generosity. Momentum on such a scale would have been very difficult to generate without their help. I would also like to specially thank my business partner and spouse, Julianna, who worked harder on this edition than any other I can remember.