Kyle Patterson

Here we are

THRIVE! Magazine's eighth edition was just released a couple weeks ago with the best picture of the peace bridge's new lights I have seen to date, thanks to our new photography partners Make sure to contact them to check out the best architecture photography I have seen of Buffalo. The picture highlights what we at THRIVE! believe to be happening across Western New York in the faith community. Partnerships and bridge building is happening  to expand the kingdom of God in our region in a way that brings about restoration to the spirit, soul, and body of every person in Western New York. I wonder what that would look like. Poverty would be ended, joblessness would be eradicated. Sick bodies would be made well. Businesses would be prospering enough to give money away to begin new businesses. Crime in our schools would be non-existent. Drug addictions would be cured, alcoholism would end. Families would be re-united and healed. Divorce would be unheard of and the beauty of the Lord would be revealed to every eye under heaven. That is what we are going for and we will see the fullness of this happen when the Lord returns.

THRIVE! is now officially partnered with 20 churches in Buffalo for distribution as well as 5 key bookstores (Bender's, Buffalo Christian Center, Lighthouse Bookstore, and Life Resources) in the area who are offering THRIVE! on their magazine stands for $2.95. We are currently working with Tops, Borders, and Barnes and Noble to possibly begin offering the magazine at these locations as well, for sale that is. We have been giving so many copies away for the last two years but really a lot of sweat and work goes into producing this, plus a lot of money. So we are asking for as little as $3.00 to offset the costs a little bit. Is that really too much to ask?  

Send me your feedback and please if you are a journalist, web developer, artist, etc contact me personally about contributing to the cause of every person in Western New York.