Kyle Patterson

Happy New Year! 2010

What an exciting year in Buffalo. Looking back there is so much progress in Buffalo to be proud of. I wanted to take just a minute to share with you a couple of the inspiring events of 2009 that THRiVE! was there to provide you with coverage of. First looking back we brought you exclusive coverage of two really important developments in the faith community. The launch of Restoration Church in our April edition, and the launch of NorthGate Christian Community in our August issue. These are two really important developments in Western New York. Both of these faith communities are making a positive difference in Buffalo. Both of them happen to be in the Amherst area, but what they are doing reaches beyond the town of Amherst. Restoration is involved in tutoring kids in the city, NorthGate is providing a relevant community to foreign exchange students who are here from as far as India without friends or family. Whether you agree with their faith stance or not, without these communities, these needs would not be met.

Next I think of the re-election of Mayor Byron Brown that THRiVE! was there to provide an exclusive interview with. You can read part of that interview here. Mayor Brown is a public servant who deserves to be honored whether we agree with every decision he makes or not. He needs our support and I want to encourage you to be the change you want to see in Western New York.

Next we were able to bring you the most complete and exclusive coverage of what has truly turned out to be a catalytic community restoration event in Buffalo: Extreme Makeover Home Edition. So many organizations came together to make it possible. We just were there to celebrate the work of so many and make sure that we all get to celebrate with them. You can view some of our photos here . Thank you to Matt Brown, THRiVE!'s photographer for really capturing the moment and documenting it for us to enjoy.

Lastly I wanted to mention the success of Avant, Buffalo's new multi-use high rise that Uniland constructing is just two years. You can view our article of this project in our DEC09/JAN10 edition.

Thanks and happy new year!