Kyle Patterson

Carl Paladino for Governor?

Carl Paladion announces his bid for NY Governor. Photo by Matt BrownLast night Buffalo developer Carl Paladino stacked his claim on Albany- officially announcing his run for governor in front of a packed crowd at the Ellicott Square building in downtown Buffalo. Paladino, a registered Republican with conservative values is promising to "unhinge the Albany ruling class," reform the political system of New York, and correct the dynfunctional education system in places like Buffalo. His blunt message was met with cheers and chants from the crowd themed around anger towards the dysfunction in Albany. People cheered, "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore."

Paladino is hoping this momentum will carry him through until election time in November. His campaign is scheduled to travel throughout New York officially announcing to supporters and critics his bid for the governor's seat. Paladino committed to cut state spending by 10% - helping to reduce the gaping hole in NY's budget. Not seeking popularity or re-election, Paladino told me in an interview before the speech that after his four years are up, he will be done, and will spend time with his children, and grandchildren. He looks at his role similiar to when he served four years in the armed forces; Paladino described himself as a wartime guy, here to take out the bad guys, restructure the way Albany functions, stop driving away businesses from NY because of taxes and restructure the state. He is the type of guy that looks at how efficient our state operates and cuts off the fat.

No doubt a controversial figure, Paladino is direct, to the point and someone who wants to use his non-traditional style to get things done instead of play political games.

More coverage to come in our next issue. Look for it at the end of April.