Small Business Marketing

Color: Not just an artistic decision

Can the color of your product or logo affect sales? According to research by The Color Association of the United States, yes. According to their website, "What color a product, a brand or an environment should be has become an increasingly more critical and yet difficult question to answer. What color should the new office furniture line for a China-based corporate office be? What color is a fast-acting, innovative pain medication targeted for a global launch? What color best supports the new brand identity of a 120-year-old American paint company that is growing globally? How would you know?"

Inc. Magazine who also wrote on this topic says color is more than an artistic decision, rather according to Inc. it is a sound business decision. Inc. states, "Case studies have shown that a consumer's decision to purchase products can range from anywhere between 60 and 80 percent based on the product's color.  Color has the unique ability to make or break the success of a product."

What are your thoughts, can color affect business?