Small Business Marketing

Marketing 101

By Kyle Patterson, President, THRiVE! Media Group

As a magazine publisher I  come across businesses everyday that are looking to grow and many are having a hard time doing it. With all the talk of the economic downturn in the past couple of years, I think it is about time for entrepreneurs and business owners to think out of the box and start to see their businesses thrive again. As the publisher and creative guy at THRiVE!, it is my job to make businesses and organizations realize how important it is to continually drive their message and value to new and emerging markets. Recently I read an article in that stated, "If Starbucks can lose its brand mojo, do you think your brand can remain immune to erosion?" This really is a question every business owner needs to be asking themselves and as a marketing company we can help.

Ok, so your brand isn't anywhere near the size of Starbucks and maybe your customers aren't worldwide, but rather local. Either way, what are you doing to get in front of your existing customers, and how are you introducing your product or service to potential prospects? Author Jay Conrad Levinson in best selling book Guerilla Marketing says there are seven strategies every business person needs for a successful marketing campaign. The first principle is about setting a desired outcome for what you want the prospect to do upon seeing your ad. Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Visit your location? Call you? Sign up for your newsletter? Whatever action you want the prospect to take, clearly articulate that in your campaign, be in print, web, tv, etc.