Small Business Marketing

Commitment Is Key

Commitment to a plan is one of the most important things you can do when advertising and marketing your business or non-profit. Never launch an advertising or marketing plan without a good dose of patience because results may not happen overnight. I know that isn't the news small business owners want to hear, but there is hope. With a consistent marketing plan with multiple forms of media involved, some kind of budget, over time your business will inevitably grow. 

Again quoting Jay Conrad Levinson in his book, Guerilla Marketing gives a great example of how a consumer views your ad the first through the 20th time,

"1. The first time a man looks at an ad, he doesn't see it.

2. The second time, he doesn't notice it.

3. The third time, he is conscious of its existence.

4. The fourth time, he faintly remembers having seen it.

5. The fifth time, he reads the ad.

6. The sixth time, he turns up his nose at it.

7. The seventh time, he it through and says, "Oh, brother!"

8. The eighth time, he says, "Here's that confounded thing again!"

9. The ninth time, he wonders whether it amounts to anything.

10. The tenth time, he will ask his neighbor if he has tried it.

11. The eleventh time, he wonders how the advertiser makes it pay.

12. The twelfth time, he thinks it must be a good thing.

13. The thirteenth time, he thinks it might be worth something.

14. The fourteenth time, he remembers that he wanted such a thing for a long time.

15. The fifteenth time, he is tantalized because he cannot afford to buy it.

16. The sixteenth time he thinks he will buy it someday.

17. The seventeenth time, he make a memorandum of it.

18. The eighteenth time, he swears to his poverty.

19. The nineteenth time, he counts his money carefully.

20. The twentieth time he sees the ad, he buys the article or instructs his wife to do so."

With potentially twenty ads before someone makes a buying decision. That is one of the reasons I recommend committing to a six to twelve month plan in our magazine, along with buying into our online, podcast, and e-news advertising. With multiple platforms, over a specified amount of time, and a commitment to see the plan you have made, along of course with a quality product, your business can indeed thrive.