Small Business Marketing

Diversity and Consistency is Key

When doing any type of marketing, I can't overemphasize enough the importance of multiple mediums consistently over a specified amount of time. I hear all the time that one ad isn't generating the business the ustomer was expecting from their marketing efforts and they are often reluctant to advertise at all, it would seem.

The fact is, similiar to achieving success in any aspect of life, marketing is really no different. Consistency and perseverance or stick-to-it-tiveness go so far with any marketing effort, provided you have a good product, of course. 

Like I mentioned in a previous post, it can take up to 20 times before consumers begin to take notice and take what you are offering , seriously. That is why we recommend the diverse offerings we have at Thrive to our customers, including print, online, email, and podcast spots, as well as a consistent PR plan working with media to attract attention to your business for the right reasons. Email me today for more info.