Grisanti Stands in the Balance

Concerned citizens across Western New York are urging Senator Mark Grizanti who won a razor thin victory over Antoine Thompson in a district that has five Democrats for every one Republican to hold his ground and committment to vote against Same Sex Marriage in NY which resulted in support and backing by key conservatives including evangelical leaders in the last election for the 60th State Senate District—Buffalo to Niagara Falls. Leaders like Pastor William Gillison who Channel 2 News interviewed regarding the vote that will likely affect NY for years to come, when asked by 2 News' Scott Brown-"When you heard that Senator Grisanti was considering changing his position, were you surprised, disappointed?" Gillison who pastors Mount Olive Baptist Church on East Delevan stated, "Surprised and disappointed, and I think that's the position you're going to get from many persons who are in total shock right now."