If you are a writer, blogger, public speaker, teacher or aspiring to any of the above with a message to share, the team behind THRiVE! Magazine would love to talk with you about the possibility of publishing a book for you. Contact us today for further details.


With the ever evolving publishing world, THRiVE! is staying relevant by offering solutions that are in touch with today's multi-tasking, media saturated individuals. We offer advertising solutions with integrated video, audio, or animation right within your normal print ad. The landscape of digital advertising is changing and we have the know how to help you ride the wave.


From custom photography to video to documentary projects, THRiVE! works with the best in the business to make you the best in your business.


Simmons’ Multi-Media Engagement Study find magazines continue to score significantly higher than TV or the Internet in ad receptivity. Yankelovich reports that magazines are second only to video games for consumers enjoying the content at the time they saw the ad. This may be because magazines rank #1 out of 16 media for consumers having a positive impression of advertising. Magazines also rank very highly for the relevance of information in the medium and consumers’ overall opinion of the medium.Similarly, magazine readers have a positive attitude to the advertising in the medium, according to research from Dynamic Logic. READ MORE...


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THRiVE! Weekly is sent out to over 500 readers weekly with fresh, original content that our readers love. You have the opportunity of showcasing your company, organization, or product next to our articles and piggy-backing alongside THRiVE!'s brand in our beautifully designed weekly email.

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Public Relations

Get your business noticed and your sales off the ground with THRiVE! PR. Our team will work with your company to create a media engagment strategy including press releases, interview scheduling, event promotion, READ MORE...


Our marketing team will sit down with you, understand your business, goals, market opportunities and challenges, and create a custom plan to grow your business. Utilizing social media, print, audio, video, custom photography and more, THRiVE! can and will deliver the results you are looking for and track the ROI for your organization. READ MORE...


From business cards to brochures to marketing collateral, THRiVE! Design can create the perfect piece for your business or organization